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Military Report on the Sinai Peninsula
Towards 'An English Fourth'
Seven Pillars of Wisdom, The Complete 1922 Text
Paperback edition
'The Mint' and Later Writings About Service Life
Boats for the R.A.F. 1929-1935
reports and correspondence


The Forest Giant


Correspondence with Bernard and Charlotte Shaw
Correspondence with E. M. Forster and F.L. Lucas
More Correspondence with Writers
Correspondence with Edward and David Garnett
Correspondence with Henry Williamson
Translating the Bruce Rogers 'Odyssey'
Correspondence with the Political Elite 1922-1935


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T. E. Lawrence Letters series - non-letter content

Captain W. E. G. Beauforte-Greenwood

Notes on the introduction to the Royal Air Force of high-speed craft, c. 1935, Boats, pp. 12-13, 86-7, 180-81, 364-5

Contribution to Friends, pp. 569-72, Boats, pp 362-4

Edmund Blunden

'Notes of Sunday, July 29th, 1923', from The Great Victorians (1932) pp. 249-50, Letters VI, pp. 303-4

'Many-Sided T.E.L', review of Letters to T. E. Lawrence, from the Daily Telegraph, 20 July 1962, Letters VI, pp. 27-9

Bill Bradbury

Contribution to Friends, pp. 575-81, Boats, pp. 375-9

John Brophy

'Lawrence of Arabia', review of 'T. E. Lawrence' in Arabia and After by B.H. Liddell Hart, from the Liverpool Post and Mercury, 5 March 1934, Letters VI, pp. 43-5

'Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom', from John O'London's Weekly, 27 July 1935, Letters VI, pp. 46-54

Contribution to Friends, 1937, pp. 437-43, Letters VI, pp. 56-62

John Buchan

'Of Such is History', review of Revolt in the Desert, from the Saturday Review of Literature, 19 March 1927, Letters X, pp. 70-75

From Memory Hold The Door, 1940, pp 222-9, Letters X, pp. 97-103

Winston Churchill,

Contribution to Friends, 1937, pp. 193-202, Letters X, pp. 106-14

Speech at the unveiling of a memorial to T.E. Lawrence at the City of Oxford High School for Boys, 2 October 1936, Letters X, pp. 166-70.

Noël Coward

From Future Indefinite, 1954, pp. 258-9, , Letters VI, pp. 70-71

From The Noël Coward Diaries, 1982, entries fo 10 March 1955 and 11 August 19623, , Letters VI, pp. 72-3

Sydney Cockerell

'How Shaw met Shaw', from Friends, Letters I, pp. xviii-xx

Obituary of Charles M. Doughty from The Observer 24 January 1926, , Letters VI, pp. 87-90

Lionel Curtis

Contribution to Friends, pp. 257-61, Letters X, pp. 172-6

Peter Davies

'An Interruption', from a leaflet promoting Frederic Manning's Her Privates We, 1930, Letters VI, pp. 231-2

C. Day Lewis

'T. E. Lawrence', review of The Letters of T. E. Lawrence, from The Spectator, 25 November 1938, Letters VI, pp. 81-4

Ian Deheer

Contribution to Friends pp. 434-6, Boats, pp. 370-71

E. M. Forster

Early draft of 'Doctor Woolacott' sent to Lawrence, 1927, Letters V, pp. 81-96

Broadcast review of Seven Pillars of Wisdom from The Listener, July 31 1935, Letters V, pp. 171-7

Draft for the abandoned Letters of T. E. Lawrence, 1936, Letters V, pp. 188-240

Contribution to Friends, 1937, Letters V, pp. 179-83

Broadcast talk, 'Clouds Hill', from The Listener, 1 September 1936, Letters V, pp. 241-5

Broadcast review of The Mint, from The Listener, Letters V, pp. 246-54

James Hanley

Contribution to Friends, 1937, Letters VI, pp. 221-3

'I remember Lawrence of Arabia', from Men Only, April 1940, Letters VI, pp. 223-6

Ralph Isham

Contribution to Friends, Letters VIII, pp. 3-16

T. E. Lawrence

Draft introduction to Travels in Arabia Deserta by Charles M. Doughty, 1920, , Letters VI, pp. 111-24

Draft preface for Revolt in the Desert, June 1926, Letters I, pp. 187

Inscription in E. M. Forster's copy of Seven Pillars of Wisdom, December 1 1926, Letters V, p. 49

Note on the back of a photograph of Lawrence reading on his bed, 1927, Letters II, p. 93

Review of D. H. Lawrence's novels from the Spectator (extract), Letters V, pp. 68-9

Notes on an early draft of 'Doctor Woolacot' by E.M. Forster, December 1927, Letters V. pp. 102-8

'The Wells Short Stories', review, from The Spectator, 25 February 1928, Letters VI, pp. 374-9

Sample translation: Book I of Homer's Odyssey, June 1938, Letters VIII, pp. 57-70

Note on the back of two photographs of Lawrence taken by F/Lt Smetham 10 December 1928, Letters III, p. 210

Inscription in Charlotte Shaw's copy of Revolt in the Desert, 11 November 1929, Letters IV, p.51

The Odyssey of Homer: draft translator's notes, April 1931, Letters VIII, pp. 175-8

The Odyssey of Homer, presentation (accompanied final page of MS), 15 August 1931, Letters VIII, p. 184

RAF boat trials log entries, 1931-2, Boats, pp. 66-7, 74, 75, 76-7, 78-9, 80, 81-2, 83-4, 84, 85, 88, 89, 91-2, 158-60, 166-7, 167-8, 168-70, 171, 173, 173-4, 174, 176, 178, 178-80, 203

The 200 Class Royal Air Force Seaplane Tender, Provisional Issue of Notes, March 1932, Boats pp. 94-154

Notes on 56ft Pinnaces, Boats, pp. 221-4

Comments on the draft of Letters from T.E. Shaw to Bruce Rogers, 1932, Letters VIII. pp. 212-3

Notes on the rough proof of Too True to be Good, January 1932, Letters IV, pp. 156-8

Power Boat Hull Reconditioning, Bridlington, 13 November 1934 - 23 February 1935, Boats, pp. 315-56 

T. E. Lawrence and Bernard Shaw

Foreword to Revolt in the Desert, final version, July 1926. Letters I, pp. 188-9

B. H. Liddell Hart

'Speed-Boat Targets for R.A.F. Bombers', Daily Telegraph, 15 December 1933, Boats, pp. 245-7 

Lorna Norrington

Contribution to Friends, p. 537, Boats, pp. 371-2

J. T. Parson

Contribution to Friends, pp. 573-4, Boats, pp. 372-3

Herbert Read

'The Seven Pillars of Wisdom' from The Bibliophile's Almanack for 1928 (1927), Letters VI, pp. 274-8

'Self-Portrait of a Misfit', broadcast review of The Letters of T. E. Lawrence, from The Listener, 8 December 1938, Letters VI, pp. 291-5

Broadcast review of Letters to T. E. Lawrence, from The Listener, 26 July 1962, Letters VI, pp. 295-7

Sir Philip Sassoon

Contribution to Friends, pp. 344-5, Boats, pp. 373-4

Siegfried Sassoon

Extract from Siegfried's Journey (1945), pp. 86-8, Letters VI, pp. 298-300

Charlotte Shaw

Notes on Seven Pillars proofs, October 1924 Letters I pp. 106-10

Bernard Shaw

'The Latest from Colonel Lawrence', review of Revolt in the Desert, in The Listener, London, 12 March 1927, Letters II, pp. 31-4

Preface to the Catalogue of an exhibition of Paintings, Pastels, Drawings and Woodcuts illustrating Col. T. E. Lawrence's Book 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom' (Lodon, Leicester Galleries), 1927, Letters II, pp. 5-10

Contribution to Friends, Letters IV, pp. 247-53

Inscription in Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Letters IV, pp. 256-9

Ernest Thurtle

From Time's Winged Chariot, 1945, pp. 104-6, Letters X, pp. 272-5

'A Secular Saint', from the Rationalist Annual for 1938, Letters X, pp. 295-302

H. M. Tomlinson

'Lawrence in Retrospect' from Library Review, Autumn 1956, Letters VI, pp. 359-65

Unsigned press articles

'Uncrowned King' - Bernard Shaw speals for Col. Lawrence in the Karachi Gazette, Karachi, early 1927, Letters II, pp. 14-15

'Motor-Boats for the R.A.F.', from The Times, 31 March 1932, Boats pp. 3-5

'Voyage of an R.A.F. Motor-Boat', from The Times, 16 April 1932, Boats, pp. 160-63

Article about Lawrence's work for the RAF Marine Branch, Sunday Chronicle, 28 August 1932, Boats pp. 183-4

'Human Target for Bombs', unidentified press article, c.4 December 1933, Boats, p. 241

From the Daily Mail, 29 March 1934, Boats, p. 261

H. E. E. Weblin

Contribution to Friends, pp. 545-8, Boats, pp. 374-6

Henry Williamson

'In Lawrence's Bodyguard, reviewed by a friend of T.E. Lawrence', 1930, Letters IX, pp. 109-11

Evelyn Wrench

'Colonel Lawrence's Return' from Overseas, April 1929, Letters VIII pp. 122-3



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